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May 21, 2008
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My favorite American General by Cooly-o My favorite American General by Cooly-o
I felt like showing everyone my favorite General in American history General "William Tecumseh Sherman" even though here in the "South" he is called a war Criminal from his Infamous March To The Sea where he burned the Confederate states of Georgia,South Carolina and North Carolina two cities (Atlanta,and Columbia) and distroyed many homes,rail-roads,crops,cotton gins,and importantly man power of the Conferderate Army.

He catured Atlanta in September of 1864 and burned a portion of it which in November he marched an Army of 65,000 troops deep into the state of Georgia which he captured the Port-city of Savannah and presented it as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln on December 22 1864 then in 1865 he marched into the Carolinas first hitting South Carolina and the capital Columbia (Birth of the Rebelion) the entire city was burned to the ground then fought Confederate General Jo Johnson and accepted his surrender in Durham North Carolina but the U.S. senate wouldn't agree to this surrender unless if it was from Jefferson Davis the agrgument lasted until April 26, 1865 when the Civil War finally ended.

But Sherman is my favorite General because he cared for his men like they were his own family even after the war he gave money to Union troops that fought in his army during the March, plus he was really patriotic to this nation even if it ment setting the entire South ablaze, and he wasn't a bad or evil General he was just angry alot and I can relate to that,and plus if he didn't burn the entire souths resources then the war would have continued and more lives on both sides would have been lost, but I do feel sorry for the brave Southern troops as well they were just doing there job in protecting there nation (The Confeterate States of America) even though many of there belifs were very wrong they were still Americans and I will never let a American die in vain.
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Seleneboxer Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
A great general, who helped put an end to the greatest act of treason in American history.
PictishWarlord13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
My Great Great Great Grandfather served under Sherman in the 14th Illinois Infantry. Wonder if he ever caught sight of the General.
Cooly-o Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh that's awesome! Maybe he did =)
33k7 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
Sharon's policy and philosophy was this better you than me mother fucker.
NerdfighterGirl4 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
He's checking himself for breast cancer.
epicsherlockian6678 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
He's my favorite too. ^^

Mostly because what he did in Atlanta. He was called crazy, and I've always related to crazy people, even if they wern't actually crazy, well. What he said about him and General Grant is one of my favorite quotes ever.
whitetiger01 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010
I have made comments on ths site before about Sherman but they weren't very flattering. I will concede that I was wrong then and have since grown up a bit from the time I made them.

Sherman was a very good general and had a clear idea far earlier than anyone else of how to win the war and that was to take the war to the people of the South, not just its armies. It wasn't pleasent but it was a clear and difinitive way to win the war and he saw it before anyone else.

He wasn't the best tactically and it has been said of him that he never won a battle but he did win campaigns and in a way that's better.

He most repected Joseph E. Johnston of all his adversaries and never treated anyone else with half the respect as a opponent as he did Johnston. He shared the opinion with Grant that Johnston was the most dangerous of his foes.

If there is one campaign that vidicates Sherman as an excellent general it is the Atlanta Campaign. That campaign is far more impressive that his romp through Georgia and the Carolina's on his March to the Sea and in the Carolina's Campaign.

Though there is fault to be found of him on campaign he was one of the top three Union Generals of the war but where he places in that triad is debatable. Some will place him top, others second and other third. I fall into the last category. I think Sherman an inferior General to Grant and Thomas but better than all other Union Generals.
Why-did-Kenji-die Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009
"many of their beliefs were wrong" not true, most of the south did not believe in slavery including robert e lee himself.
WilliamJBoone Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2009
Very interesting. But then why didn't people like R.E. Lee join the Union?
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